Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2016

Review: Queenshair extensions

Hello everyone ♥

This review is going to be in English and German, I hope that's okay!!
The review is NOT sponsored. It's just my personal opinion.

In March I bought a set of clip in extensions from Queenshair because I had to remove the extensions I got in Japan.
I bought a 100 gramm set of 65 - 70cm clip ins in colour 60 "weißblond".
They were on sale back then but now they're just 5€ more expensive. :3
The package was sent at the next working day and arrived the day after (but maybe that was because the store is just a few cities away from mine haha).

The extensions arrived in a clear plastic back, and were really soft when I took them out of the package.
The set blended in with my hair really well and it's enough for my whole head. :3
Just the ends are a bit thin, but it is nothing really horrible. I didn't need to cut it or anything :3~

Im März habe ich bei Queenshair ein Set Clip in Extensions gekauft, weil ich meine festen Extensions aus Japan raus machen musste.
Das Set, das ich gekauft habe, war ein 100g Set mit 65 - 70cm Länge in der Farbe 60 weißblond.
Letztes Jahr waren sie reduziert, aber momentan sind sie auch nur 5€ teurer ;).
Das Päckchen wurde am nächsten Werktag losgeschickt (Ich habe Samstags bestellt), und kaum direkt am nächsten Tag an!

Die Haare kamen in einem festen Plastikbeutel, und waren super weich als ich sie rausgeholt habe!
Obwohl ich die Farbe nur gekauft habe, weil sie die hellste war, haben sie mehr als gut zu meiner Haarfarbe gepasst und die Fülle hat auch mehr als ausgereicht für eine komplette Verlängerung!
Die Spitzen sind ein bisschen dünn, aber das ist nicht wirklich schlimm. Ich habe die Haare noch nicht mal kürzen müssen o.Ä.

Here you can see the blending of the colour!
Hier sieht man sehr gut, wie die Farbe mit meinen Haaren verblendet!

The lenght is really nice and as you can see, they're not really thin!
Die Länge ist wirklich toll und wie man sieht, die Haare sind nicht zu dünn!

After I got the extensions, I coloured my hair and the extensions yellow. ^3^
The hair became a really nice yellow colour, even better than my real hair!
And after colouring, it was still really soft and easy to style.

Nachdem ich die Extensions bekommen habe, hab' ich sie gelb gefärbt!
Sie haben die Farbe besser angenommen als meine echten Haare und sind ein richtig kräftiges gelb geworden!
Auch die Qualität hat nicht gelitten - die Haare waren danach immer noch mehr als weich und einfach zu stylen.

The result of the colouring and thickness! (the pink ones are old extensions I still had)
Das Resultat des Färbens und die Haardicke! (Die pinken sind alte Extensions, die ich noch hatte!)

I wore the extensions nearly everyday until Mid-July, where I got new extensions in Japan, but sometimes I still added them to my hair anyway, because it was super super thick then.
When I took the japanese hair out again in Oktober, I started wearing the Clip ins more again.
I removed the yellow colour with vinegar and backing powder, then I dyed the hair pink and purple because my haircolour changed. :3
And still - the quality is amazing! They tangled a bit faster until I used conditioner, and now they are like new again.

Ich habe die Extensions bis Mitte Juli fast jeden Tag getragen, und dann in Japan neue feste bekommen, allerdings habe ich die Clips manchmal für super volles Haar noch dazu getan.
Im Oktober habe ich die festen Extensions wieder raus genommen, und seitdem die Clips wieder öfter getragen.
Allerdings habe ich die Haare rosa und lila gefärbt, nachdem ich das gelb mit Essig und Backpulver entfernt habe.
Die Qualität war selbst nach dem Essig/Backpulver und dem Färben immer noch super. Bis ich sie ein mal wieder mit Conditioner behandelt habe, haben sie etwas schneller Knoten bekommen... aber das ist jetzt auch wieder weg.

Afterwards I dyed the extensions again, because I was really unhappy with myself and couldn't decide for a haircolour. Now they're dark pink/purple, but still have nice quality!
I don't know what to do with them now that I have brown hair because I don't want to dye them dark... But maybe I'll just use them as coloured highlights once my hair has grown a bit!

Leider musste ich sie danach noch mal färben, weil ich mit mir selbst nicht so zufrieden war and meine Haare dunkelpink/lila gemacht habe. Trotzdem sind die Haare noch super in Schuss!
Momentan trage ich sie allerdings nicht, weil ich meine Haare braun gemacht habe... Und ich will die Haare nicht ganz dunkel färben :( aber wahrscheinlich werde ich sie als farbige Highlights benutzen, sobald meine eigenen Haare gewachsen sind.

I hope you enjoyed the review and maybe you'll like Queenshair because they also ship internationally and you can pay with paypal :3.
Thank you for reading!

Ich hoffe euch hat das Review gefallen and danke für's lesen. ♥

See you soon. ♥♥

Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2016

Long time no see!

Hellooo cuties ♥

I have been inactive again for a long time, but (like always ;w;) I'll try to change that~ ♥

I'll work on posts of my Japan trips, reviews and other stuff and I hope you'll like it. ^w^
I also changed my layout o3o ! it's more... mature? I don't know haha

Also I'll do some posts were I will show my recent outfits and I will try to make an outfit post every week!

Today I'm starting with a look from last Saturday where I have been meeting with Sui and her sister. :3

Dress: 2nd hand
Shirt: My Collosseum
Jacket: H&M
Tights: Taobao
Shoes: Swankiss
Accessories: presents, Ruby Rose, medieval festival

As you can see~ I have brown hair now ♥
I haven't been feeling well lately, coloured my hair a lot but nothing was satisfying.
So now I decided to stop dying my hair and coloured it back to my natural haircolour!

This was my make up and hair ♥

I went shopping with Sui and her sister, and another friend of her joined afterwards.
I really like going out with Sui because it's always a lot of fun ♥♥

And we are haircolour twins now!! ^_^ haha
She's sooo cute, like a doll ♥_♥

I can't wait to meet up with her again hehe♥

What do you guys think about re-newing my blog?
Is there anything you want to see first? ♥

See you soon♥♥

- Aiji

Montag, 1. Juni 2015

MeltyChocolateMoon Review♥

Hello everyone!

Sorry it has been real quiet here again, but I just don't find any time or motivation for blogging.
Now I'm procrastinating my school work since I'm having finals next week... But I'm already prepared for nearly every class so it's okay hahaha

Last month was one of the biggest conventions in Germany, the Dokomi, and of course I went there!

And because I bought a necklace from the awesome MeltyChocolateMoon, I now want to do a review because I think they're really underestimated!

Me and Melty at Dokomi ♥

Now, starting with the review!


I bought this necklace, though I was having a hard time deciding what I want! Everything looked so pretty!
The necklace says "mahou shoujo" which is the japanese term for magical girl ♥ who doesn't want to be a magical girl?? ♥
MeltyChocolateMoon has a huge variety of accessories like buttons, necklaces, rings, chokers, headbands! And everything I've seen at her Dokomi booth looked really good!
When buying online, the shop is located in Sweden, which means you don't have crazy shipping times and prices as with asian sellers!

I immediately put the necklace on because I am always lacking cute necklaces, and it fit with my OTT coord!

(You can also see the ring I bought at Pastelbat's booth!)

Today I took some proper pictures of the necklace, which is really sturdy because it is made from something like resin (? I'm not really sure though!), and I already dropped it and nothing happened XD!
The necklace has a 3D-look, the glittery pink is on top of the white part! And it sparkles so much, I can't even catch this effect on pictures!

(Sorry if there are some weird spots in there, somehow it became dirty and I didn't see it before editing and now it's too dark for new pictures!)

These pictures were taken with flash so you can see the glitter better, here's another close up of the word "mahou", so you can see the glitter really properly!

It is sooo sparkly, I love it ♥_♥

And, for you to show you that it isn't just sparkling with flash, have another picture in sunlight:

All in all I have to say that this now is my favourite necklace, and I'm probably going to order some more of her stuff soon!
I really love handmade items, and I love them even more when they're having such an awesome quality!! ♥

So if you're looking for a cute, unique necklace or any other accessory, take a look at Melty's store!

A picture of me from Saturday, when I dressed up a bit, more pics of this look will follow for a review from Himifashion!

You can also see my current haircolour here! hehehe♥

I hope you liked the review!
I want to try and update this blog with reviews, while I post my outfits and selfies on my instagram account yasha_hime!

Love you♥

Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

Japan 2014/2015

Helloooo everyone!

Long time no see!
Actually I had no time or anything to blog, but there's a reason I'm posting this.

I'm in Japan from 18th december to 17th january, and I'm gonna post a diary every few days, and I'm trying to make a daily diary on my facebook like page:

So please like my page to be up to date!

I'll make a giveaway for my facebook "fans" as well if I reach 100 likes! ♥

I'll post mostly on Instagram so, maybe you should follow me there! yasha_hime / 

See you then♥

Montag, 17. Februar 2014

DoJaku #43


At first: I have a new layout for my blog, what do you say?
I tried to make the header and the background in the same colour but it did not work properly ;;

Yesterday I went to the DoJaku in Dortmund, which is a small convention held every month!
It was the first time after around 4 years that I went to a convention without Maya... But she had to study for her university exams! (>△<*)
In the end Shinpei didn't come too, so I asked my sister but she didn't get up in the morning when I was already all dressed up...
I wanted to meet Isabella there, a cute girl which I met at Connichi, so I messaged her that I was not going anymore because I hate going somewhere without anyone and I was so shy meeting her alone because I did not saw her for half a year.
In the end I went anyway because she was so sweet and told me I should still come!

And I'm not regretting it!
I had a really funny day even though I am weird and was not able to talk to her and her friends in the beginning. I hate being so shy but I always think I am annoying... (┰_┰)

But they were all very friendly so I tried talking properly with them!
I felt really old because normally I'm still the youngest in my normal group of friends but lately all people I like are younger than me? xD It's okay because I don't think it's bad, but still strange somehow!

This was my outfit ♥

and my face, it was in the evening already
so my make up was nearly gone..

Lately I try to dress up more.. proper fairy kei?
The wig is a new one I got from my taobao christmas order! (I still need to post my haul~)

When I was there I also took a few pictures, but not a lot because the sun was shining too much and then I forgot and gaah..

But here are the few I took!

with one of the girls I met there ♥

Isabella and me♥


Again Isabella because she is sooo pretty!! *3*

And this is Vanny :3
I loved her shirt *.*

Isabella again, I was stalking her a bit. e.e~

So.. Yeah, this was my day? xD
I really enjoyed it and hope to repeat it in the future if I did not annoy them in the end >3<~

What do you think about my look of that day? ^^

Hope you liked my post ♥ I'd be happy about comments! ♥

See you later ♥

Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

Review: Barbie/Dueba Puffy 3-tones grey

Another one ;33~


Barbie/Dueba Puffy 3-tones grey

Data:Size: 16,2mm
Water Content: 38%
These are one year lasting 3-tone (grey, black, lightbrown) circle lenses with a base curve of 8,6mm.
You can buy those big eye circle lenses HERE !
Don't forget the discount code "AJH10" because you'll get a 10% discount!

Surprisingly these lenses were not for a cosplay! ^.~
No, I got them as a "present" for a big order from UNIQSO - I say, these sellers are awesome! From time to time they have special promotions were you get lenses for $1 or free after buying a certain amount of lenses!
I have to admit that I did not like these lenses at first.
These are the only lenses I own which have a really light colour on my eyes. And I was really creeped out by my look at first xD; but I realized I like them in the end. ♥
I just wore them for my Visual Kei looks at first (I sadly don't have any proper pictures of them), but tried them for other stuff too.

natural light


indoor light

natural light

It's amazing how light they look on my dark eyes.
I was so shocked xD
But it's so cool~ and I use them pretty often when I want light eyes ^^
I took some pictures with my everyday style for this review!

With Socke in the background xD she's so lazy~
This ismy everyday look, I wear my extensions and a bit wavy or straight hair.
These lenses don't look too scary with lashes and make up, that's awesome.

Also, I wear these lenses for my Levi cosplay.

nice, eh? Perfect Levi lenses *.* (still need to improve my make up)

Style + colour: 10/10 - Really good colour, even on dark eyes! The three colours of the lenses make them not too unnatural
Comfort: 10/10 - I can wear them all day, had never any pain of them!
All in all: 10/10 - my most favorite lenses ♥

What do you think about such a heavy change in eyecolours?
I think it's awesome to be able to change your eyes' colour that much! *_*

Aiji ♥