Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Day 3: Shibuya109 & Harajuku

Harrrooo Gals & Guys!

Today was a very special day for me.
As you know, a lot of my friends are gyaru... So I had a lot to do with that style, I know a lot about it and I know how to do that things...
So because I wanted to do some kind of "Gyaru-style", too... I just made that today. I took Maya's old long blonde wig with me for that because I liked it, styled myself a bit more than normally (and not that colourful because I normally use pink and blue and green eyeshadow...).
I was not very happy with myself at first, because I didn't know how it would look like to other people even if Maya said it was very good for my very first try!

The day began with breakfast - lovely Okonomiyaki Pan!
I could eat that aaaaall day! It is so nice!

Then I took an unstyled picture of myself with just one contact lense in, because Vanni wanted to see that.
It's very natural I think because I have brown eyes... But I like the effect of the lense because I think my eyes are really too small.

When we were finished with styling we went to Shibuya with the subway... And I forgot my Pasmo at Hostel D: So I bought a new one... because we very lazy and didnt want to go back.

At first we went to Shibuya109 because I wanted to buy a fur hat I wanted to have for a looooooooooooooooong long time!!
It was around 40€, that was okay because Spirit Hood is more than the doubled price...

When we were in Shibuya 109 I was very surprised... verrrrry surprised.
The gals in OneSpo were very friendly to me, saying I would be very Kawaiiiii! But... that was just a trick that I would buy more. XD.
But then we went to Marple Q and the seller was veeeery fascinated by me! I don't know why. She was nice to me, trying to make everything understandable for me because she could not speak English...
I wanted to try some pants I wanted to have for a long time and they're now on sale... But I'm to fat for those Japanese Clothing, it was fitting perfectly at the legs... But the rest was too small T_T
The Shop-Gal tried to find something for me which would be fitting but all pants were to tight for that kind of style... I was very sad and she didn't know what to do because Maya told her that MarpleQ is my favourite brand Q_Q... But I think I will go there again and buy some shirt... because they would fit.

After that we went to dia. for Maya because she likes it a lot... And all the sellers were like "uuuhaaa *_*" again, they were really loving my cheek piercings XD.
All of them asked if it hurted and that it's very cute and they like it a lot... And one of the sellers wants to have that piercings now too XD !
I like the dia. pants a lot, I have to admit... I never liked Gyaru fashion a lot but currently... I don't know. I could see all the things in real now and they're so lovely... But a lot of those clothes would just fit my 10 year old sister. Like all the dia things.
Maya tried on a belt there, I liked it a lot on here but she's still thinking about it... dia is very expensive...

Buuut! Then we went to Harajuku, because we wanted to do puris and we bought some things at groucho store ^^ ( I don't have a lot of money with me... But I had to buy some groucho things T_T )

When we were in Harajuku  some guy came to me...
He was flirting a lot with me, which was funny because he was ugly and I'm sure that he was nealry 20 years older than me. XD
He said to me "Oh you are really gyaru."
and I was like "No!" XD.
It was funny. My first time beeing Gyaru and every one liked it. XD. I thought I would look like a total wannabe.
And I bought some shoes but they were too small... So I gave them to Maya. XD

On our way back we stopped at Shinjuku and bought bus tickets to Nagano for New Year's Eve.
Shinjuku ist very nice *_* I wanna go there to the host club things... But Maya was too tired. XD

One of our subways back to hostel is the pink line! :D

creepy animal on ad.

Sooo now just a few pictures of the things I got ^___^
then I will go to bed because it's nearly two in the morning...

Okay now...

Bye bye, see you tomorrow!!

Tokyo: Day 2 - Danger Gang live.

Hi out there!

Second day was really nice!

We first met Kao and went to Harajuku with her... To take puris and stuff.
As I was looking for a Wig shop (there was a ad for it).. I found a circle lenses store *_*
So we went in and I bought myself some circle lenses in brown... they're not as dark as my eyes and not exactly what I wanted but I like them a lot ^_^

And we had crepes *__*
But they're toooo sweet. at first they are very yummy and tasty... but then... iiiu. not nice.

And I'm very sorry, I don't have any pictures of that concert...
You're not allowed to take pictures on concert so I didn't do that.
The concert was a small "festival" thing... A few bands (8 I think) came and played 3 - 4 songs.
They were all very talented, some of them not my taste of music... But everyone very good in their own way!

Kao wanted to go there because of Ziggrat, she was cosplayen Mikito and he said she is the very first Cosplayer of him ^^.
I like them a lot now, too. Their music is great.
So I went to the stage when Ziggrat came, and we were watching and doing para para and stuff... At first I was to shy because I didn't know the songs... But it was okay after a while.
The singer really... scared me. He always watched at me, wanted me to come to the first row (Because there war just 3 people... We didn't want to go there because we didnt know the complete para paras). And he stared... and stared... And I really thought he would eat me alive. XD.

But then Ziggrat was over... AND DANGER GANG CAME!
Oh my god. I really say just OH MY GOD.
Hiko and Waka are the most beautiful japanese women I've ever seen, Waka is so cute and Hiko just... sexy.
They are both so talented, they exactly knew what they did.
And then... Hiko was staring at Maya, grinned at her and did a gesture like typing something... She remembered her from writing with her on Twitter! It was so awesome!!
I hope Waka could remember me too ;_; Because we wrote a lot on Twitter for some time.

As the concert was over we went back to our hotel... The train suddenly stopped and we had to wait.. I think someone tired to kill himself :/

At hostel we ate a bit and then went to bed ^-^

Tokyo: Arrival and First Day.

Hey there, people! :D

Time for my blog entries about Tokyo... So now is Day 3 (Nearly Day4) and I'm sitting here in the hostel room...
I will write an entry about every day, so now I will start with the flight, arrival und the first day in general. I will post the second and third day directly after this post!
Tomorrow evening I will hopefully post again, otherwise... The entries will come later, but everyone has pictures and is just about ONE day!

Our Day on the 26th started early... Way too early. We were in bed at 01 o'clock in the morning and had to get up at 6... So we woke up then and while Maya was in the shower I coloured my hair back to blackpink, because it was washed out a lot...

Then we went to the Duesseldorf Airport, from where we got to Amsterdam Airport.
The train to Duesseldorf was very empty... and suddenly, at the airport... TOOOONS OF PEOPLE. XD.
It was surprising a lot! :D

The flight to Amsterdam was nothing special, just as we were in the air, we had to get down again... Just 30minutes flying time.
But I tell you: I HATE Amsterdam Airport! It's way to long! It took us 20 minutes straight walking from one gate to another... And then we had to wait 1 hour until we could check in.

When we checked in, it got very full... Luckily we had seat reservations so we didn't need to hurry.
We sat in a 3-people-line and hoped that the last seat would stay empty... but there was some antisocial stupid french guy who said next to us. He was talking very loudly, jumped over our seats... And was just disgusting.

me. completly without make up and extensions.

giant plane ^_^ !

Our flight was very nice... The seats were comfortable, we got a lot to eat and drink and the stewardess were very friendly.
The food was deeelicious for airplane food! I never thought it would be that good!
As meal we got Chicken Curry!
Then we got some Tea (Green Tea. Yummy.).
And "breakfast" because we arrived at 9 in the morning in Narita Airport...

Sadly I just slept around half an hour... I couln't sleep good because of my nervousness and things like that... XD
I was very tired when we get at Narita airport... But it was okay.
So we took our bags and stuff at Airport and went buying a PASMO for driving around in the time here.
Then we went to our station in Asakusa, and... had to wait to hours for our hostelowner to open the hostel reception and to get our key... We had to go to the "new Asakusa Smile"... But it's nice here, we have a double bed and enough space for everything.

We used the time for relaxing a bit on the cold floor of our hostel until we could bring away our bags... then we went to see a bit of Asakusa and we bought something to eat. Very delicious food everywhere! *-*

On the evening we had a short trip to Shibuya and Harajuku but I just took one picture from Shibuya... forgot to do pictures... Q-Q

So this was our first day... After Harajuku and Shibuya we went home, fell in our bed and slept... Nyam. :D

Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

On my way to Tokyo!

Hi there guys!

From now on my blog will be in English because I hope I will get more followers! ^_^

Currently I'm writin on my iPhone because we're in amsterdam airport and waiting for our airplane to Tokyo!
I'm so nervous because it's my first time in Japan! ^___^

I will write a blog with photos and more when we're in our Hostel!

Seee uuu then!
- Aiji ☆