Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Tokyo: Arrival and First Day.

Hey there, people! :D

Time for my blog entries about Tokyo... So now is Day 3 (Nearly Day4) and I'm sitting here in the hostel room...
I will write an entry about every day, so now I will start with the flight, arrival und the first day in general. I will post the second and third day directly after this post!
Tomorrow evening I will hopefully post again, otherwise... The entries will come later, but everyone has pictures and is just about ONE day!

Our Day on the 26th started early... Way too early. We were in bed at 01 o'clock in the morning and had to get up at 6... So we woke up then and while Maya was in the shower I coloured my hair back to blackpink, because it was washed out a lot...

Then we went to the Duesseldorf Airport, from where we got to Amsterdam Airport.
The train to Duesseldorf was very empty... and suddenly, at the airport... TOOOONS OF PEOPLE. XD.
It was surprising a lot! :D

The flight to Amsterdam was nothing special, just as we were in the air, we had to get down again... Just 30minutes flying time.
But I tell you: I HATE Amsterdam Airport! It's way to long! It took us 20 minutes straight walking from one gate to another... And then we had to wait 1 hour until we could check in.

When we checked in, it got very full... Luckily we had seat reservations so we didn't need to hurry.
We sat in a 3-people-line and hoped that the last seat would stay empty... but there was some antisocial stupid french guy who said next to us. He was talking very loudly, jumped over our seats... And was just disgusting.

me. completly without make up and extensions.

giant plane ^_^ !

Our flight was very nice... The seats were comfortable, we got a lot to eat and drink and the stewardess were very friendly.
The food was deeelicious for airplane food! I never thought it would be that good!
As meal we got Chicken Curry!
Then we got some Tea (Green Tea. Yummy.).
And "breakfast" because we arrived at 9 in the morning in Narita Airport...

Sadly I just slept around half an hour... I couln't sleep good because of my nervousness and things like that... XD
I was very tired when we get at Narita airport... But it was okay.
So we took our bags and stuff at Airport and went buying a PASMO for driving around in the time here.
Then we went to our station in Asakusa, and... had to wait to hours for our hostelowner to open the hostel reception and to get our key... We had to go to the "new Asakusa Smile"... But it's nice here, we have a double bed and enough space for everything.

We used the time for relaxing a bit on the cold floor of our hostel until we could bring away our bags... then we went to see a bit of Asakusa and we bought something to eat. Very delicious food everywhere! *-*

On the evening we had a short trip to Shibuya and Harajuku but I just took one picture from Shibuya... forgot to do pictures... Q-Q

So this was our first day... After Harajuku and Shibuya we went home, fell in our bed and slept... Nyam. :D


  1. ohh~
    das Häusschen ist sehr niedlich ^^
    du musst noch mehr Bilder machöön T__T
    *Pei will alles sehen wie es da ausschaut*

  2. ist der eine tum auf dem bild der sky tree ?
    als ich da war war der noch nicht fertig x'33