Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Day 7: New Year's Sale.

Hi Cuties ^___^

Here we go with the next part of our aweeesome trip to Japan! ^_^

I'm feeling a bit better now so I try to finish the report today e.ê (if my concentration is enough)

On our 7th day we went to Shibuya, because there was the new year's sale...
Sadly, I was more than ill that day so there are no good pictures of myself, I'm sorry. 

We were at Shibuya109 at 9, very early for me... but it was not closed anymore!
I was very shocked, then I paniced because I thought I won't get my fukubukuro anymore ;__;
So Maya and me went straightly to our favourite shops... Mine is MarpleQ, as you know ^^.
And even if I thought I won't be able to wear anything in it... I wanted to have a fukubukuro e.e
I was lucky when I was there... and they still had some !
So I bought one in size M because they had M and S... And went down because Maya and me said we're meeting at MA*RS again.
Maya didn't get a d.i.a. fukubukuro, so she was sad... but one of MA*RS made her happier again ^^.

After we bought those things we went out again, sitting next to the Shibuya109 and looked in our bags... When a cute girl came and asked Maya if she can look in that MA*RS bag, too...
Then we noticed that we're all from Germany and talked German then. xDD

the Shibuya109 - home of stylish clothing. xD

Meeee... with my MarpleQ fukubukuro ^^ 

After we finished looking in our bags we talked a bit with the girl and decided to go to Harajuku togehter ^^.
So we went to LaForet, where we were one of the first people who could go in..
We went to AP there, and Maya got a sweet Lolita outfit in a fukubukuro ^^ !

I was looking in some other shops, too... but everything was too expensive... but then... I looked in SuperLovers and found my most favourite shirt of them.. And it was just half the price *__*
So I took it even if I couldn't afford it and need to lend money from Maya because of that the last days ^^;
But then we went back to hostel again because I was feeling even worse T_T

Most sekkushi man!

At "home" again I looked at all my things again carefully, and tried all the clothes..
and they all fit!! I was so happy! the shirts are a bit thight and short, but when I go to fitnesscenter again, it will be ok ^^ !!

here is what was inside ^-^

the bag - most awesome and giant!

a hat... I love it *q*

stickers! it's so cool because my real name starts with M x3

nice necklace *^*

Ring... which was to small and I broke it ^^;;

grey shirt :3

colourful shirt - front.

and back ^^

veeeery small shirt which I can wear when I'm skinny xD

badge ^^

and the pants I wanted to buy some days before!! *__*

and the front x3

My SuperLovers Shirt *__* huge but lovely!!

and meee... with hat and shirt xDD

After we were relaxing a bit we decided to go to Asakusa city a bit...
We didn't go there before but it was nice ^^

this building... looks like a carrot to me.

Then we went to the temple in Asakusa... It was very full, but I liked it ^^
I think I would like religion again if I'd live in Japan... because they're all so cool with their religions xDD
But now I will let some pictures speak...

looks like cat is sitting on temple. meow.

 We went back to hostel after our visit in the temple...
And  I took a picture from the bridge, then we went home and just chilled and relaxed again... then went to sleep.

See you in my next entry, cuties ^w^ !

Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

Day 5: Nagano. (And Day 6: Nothing.)

Heey girls!!

Today I will write about the day we went to Nagano! ^_^

In Nagano was the New Year's Team LM.C special live... And we HAD to go there! *-*

The day began with a 4 hours bus tour to Nagano... We drove by bus because it was cheaper than Shinkansen... We just payed 7200Yen for each of us... Shinkansen would have been something like 30000Yen! -_-;

The landscape was very nice, I enjoyed it because even the most boring things are intersting in Japan! lol.

this was so cute! even if it is spelled wrong... XD

Jiji from behind! :D

We didn't had a lot of things to do on our ride... So I took random pictures of myself, or myself with maya... But most of them looked strange, so ... here you go, just the best two pictures!

I liiiiked my hairstyle a lot that day. I thought it would look more horrible than it actually did because I had so much problems with styling it. You know, my hair is very short actually, and all those long hair things are extensions. I hate hiding them when I make that Punky Heart hairstyle... And I need more hair for it... But human hair extensions are too expensive currently for me! -.-;

Oh and we tried some nice things from Starbucks...
Azuki Macha Frappuchino or something like that. So lovely!

So later that day we arrived at Nagano...

And searched for the concert venue.
The map on the homepage was wrong so we just... walked too much. It was just five minutes from the station and we were searching for nearly an hour! -.-
I felt like my feet were broken when we finally found the AGAIN, which is a big shopping building with a concert venue in it.
I have to say... Nagano is like the Duisburg of Japan.
I felt very home...y ... something like that... XD... It was just like I was back home... Just with awesome japanese people!

On our way to the concert venue we found this.

LM.C fans will understand. <33

So then we waited in the shopping building, bought our merch... I now have a lovely rainbow A for my mobile phone and Aijis Teamer shirt!  AND a 88 light!!

When we were waiting I was taking pictures again... lololol. Bored Aiji.

Happy Aiji finger with Aiji nose and big eyes! >3

But then we decided to go out and get some food because we were very hungry... when we came back from Convini... We couldn't go in anymore and had to wait Q___Q.
It was like... 18:30h... and we were allowed to go in at 21h again... ><°
I was trying to read some paper on the shopping building while we were waiting... I hate Kanji! -.-

Some cute girl who was also waiting was very amused about my reading...
It was like "Ma ha ... ki... KANJI -.- ... "
XD I dunno what I read exactly anymore.

But then Kuchen and Beki came out and we went to Starbucks.
We had some little drama because I forgot my Teamer ID ... but I was able to go in when the concert arrived because they just wanted to know the name.

I just had a big problem... Everyone exept me (and a russian girl... but I'm going to ignore what she did completly so I don't tell) had numbers under 100.
And I had 371.
But I wanted them go to to the place which belongs to them... And tried to go to them when I was able to go in the venue...
Most of the Japanese fans were really nice and wanted to help that I can go to my friends >3<
But some... like 3 or 4 people... didn't let me go.
So I was alone the complete concert.
First I didn't want to look at the concert anymore because I was so sad... I mean... It was New Year's Eve and I was there - all alone with some Japanese LM.C fans who could not speak English.
I went back to the end of the venue and talked to two cute Boys & Girls Cosplayers, I really liked the Maya because it was like his Minime ><°
But then I decided... I wanted to have an amazing New Year's Eve and party on my own!
I got back to my place in the front and next to me were some really funny Japanese girls which had a lot of fun partying with me ^___^ it was a very nice concert after all!
And Aiji looked at me <3. I made the "Peace sign" while Maya was talking... and he returned it, smiling. I don't know, perhaps he saw my tattoo and remembered me >3< I hope that so much!
In the concert some very special person next to me caught one of Mayas bottles... I was very sad because I wanted to catch it but I was to slow ;^; and thant that person gave it to mee <333 aww I'm so lucky.

I never understood how someone could be so happy just because of a bottle... But I'm like this now, too.
I never wanna leave that bottle! It's mayas! >< He had it in his hands and in his mouth. Oh my god. <3.

Aww, sorry. Fangirling.

After the concert we had to wait for our bus which went at 5.
Concert was over at... 1... or something like that.
So we went to the station, in McDonalds and I bought some coffee because it was so freaking could outside.
But after 30 min they said we should go out -.-; fucking unfriendly persons. I didn't even finish my coffee.

So we went to a restroom, waited there with some hot chocolate from the drink-machine-things... Until our bus arrived. Aw, I was never so happy to sit in a bus.

I nearly slept the whole way, and we were at out hostel at... 10 am again.
We just fell to bed and slept... All the day.
And the next day we didn't do anything. We were so sleepy all day and went to bed early... because... next day was the beginning of the NEW YEAR'S SALE in Shibuya and Harajuku!!

I will write about that tomorrow.

See you.
Lots of love from Tokyo!!

Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Day 4: DOGinthePWO & Tokyo Tower

Hello out there! :3

Now I'm going to continue my blog thingys... I was very busy the last days... or to tired... Or just not in the mood. sorry for that.

Okay, this is what I looked like. I was not very... picture-liking that day. So just those two.
Very sekkushi photos.

On our 4th day in Tokyo we wanted to go to a DOG In the Paralell World Orchestra concert, because I just love them, and they're one of my favourite bands...
We knew that the concert was sold out but we wanted to ask at the concert venue if they have some tickets left ;^;

So because of this we walked to Harajuku, Kao wanted to look for a dress...
I bought myself some shoes from Bodyline because they were no others in different shops. But I love them. They're a bit too small, but so comfy and beautiful and haaah <33.

on our way to Harajuku we wanted to go to the shrine..
But on half way they said it's closed soon and we had to go back T_T

After our small shopping tour we thought what we could do... It was already getting dark so we decided to drive to the Tokyo Tower.
When we were waiting for the subway we had some nice things... 83


This building is so beautiful and lovely and I even was not scared when I looked down! I trust Japanese buildungs a lot since that earthquake-tsunami-thingy was there...

The Queen of Monsters is everywhere ♥

Doooogs >3<

After that we went back to our hostel and fell asleep... very busy day.

And now I'm very sorry but I have to go to bed...
Report about Nagano, New Year's sale and my sudden gyaru-addiction... Later.

Have a nice day, or sleep well! Bye bye guys <33.