Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Day 4: DOGinthePWO & Tokyo Tower

Hello out there! :3

Now I'm going to continue my blog thingys... I was very busy the last days... or to tired... Or just not in the mood. sorry for that.

Okay, this is what I looked like. I was not very... picture-liking that day. So just those two.
Very sekkushi photos.

On our 4th day in Tokyo we wanted to go to a DOG In the Paralell World Orchestra concert, because I just love them, and they're one of my favourite bands...
We knew that the concert was sold out but we wanted to ask at the concert venue if they have some tickets left ;^;

So because of this we walked to Harajuku, Kao wanted to look for a dress...
I bought myself some shoes from Bodyline because they were no others in different shops. But I love them. They're a bit too small, but so comfy and beautiful and haaah <33.

on our way to Harajuku we wanted to go to the shrine..
But on half way they said it's closed soon and we had to go back T_T

After our small shopping tour we thought what we could do... It was already getting dark so we decided to drive to the Tokyo Tower.
When we were waiting for the subway we had some nice things... 83


This building is so beautiful and lovely and I even was not scared when I looked down! I trust Japanese buildungs a lot since that earthquake-tsunami-thingy was there...

The Queen of Monsters is everywhere ♥

Doooogs >3<

After that we went back to our hostel and fell asleep... very busy day.

And now I'm very sorry but I have to go to bed...
Report about Nagano, New Year's sale and my sudden gyaru-addiction... Later.

Have a nice day, or sleep well! Bye bye guys <33.


  1. HeteroTee XDDDDDD
    wie war das "Straight is Great" XD

    aber sein toll da **
    und es sieht da auf dem Platz mega leer aus o.o

  2. Finally! ww
    I was waitin' like crazy for your next report! *o*

    Und ich denke,
    ich sollte mir endlich abgewöhnen ständig nur english zu sprechen..
    am Ende versteht mich keiner mehr D:

    Wie auch immer... Das mit den Lichtern am Tokyo Tower sieht wirklich super, super schön aus...
    Ich find's schade, dass ihr nicht zu DOGinthePWO konntet... /:

    Freu mich schon auf die nächsten Einträge - eine erholsame Nachtruhe wünsch' ich. (: