Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Review: Geo Big Grang Grang Choco [Sponsored by MapleLens *Q*]

Heeeey my beloved readers!!

I'm really to lazy I think... .___.
I always want to write things here but then I forget them again... I'm getting old T_T;

So -

But today I want to show you a nice thing!
My new circle lenses - Geo Big Grang Grang Choco.

Some of you perhaps already know - but I got them from MapleLens!
They're a new circle lens-shop and have really friendly staff ^-^

When I read they were searching for fashion blogger I wrote them I want to do a review for their lenses and they said yes!
I was really happy because I don't have a lot readers (But 67 currently *_* so happy)!
First I chose the Barbie King Size Aqua and when I got them I truely fell in love *Q*
They were so beautiful - but they hurt right after putting them in. I thought "Maybe my eyes are really sensitive today.."
And waited for a day before I put them in again. But again, the same thing. But I didn't put them out again because I thought it would be better when I wear them for some time..
After I wrote them that I can't use them in my eyes.. they sent me another pair O.O I was really surprised and happy! Thank you MapleLens!
The link of MapleLens is in my sidebar... and at the bottom of this entry ^_^

Yesterday I got my new lenses then, after I had some problems with fedex because they were to stupid to ring the door =.=;
And here you go with the lens review !

- Package and stuff -

The lenses were in a big bag by fedex, really safe ^-^
All of the things were wrapped in bubble-paper, so nothing can destroy them ê.e !


Not only lenses - also a pair of lashes and a thank you card where in the package *_*
The lashes are aweeesome~ I love them.


the card is also very cute **


the lens case I got for the Big GrangGrang are cute pink bears *_*


the lenses were in this cute box *-*

the bottles ^___^

Also Lumpi likes the bottles ^___^ xD

- Design -

It's the first time I had those kind of lenses ^-^
And they are really good looking *_*


Can you see that small B?
I really wondered when I saw it on the lenses..
But after I googled a bit I found out, that it's normal..
The "B" is for the Big GrangGrang.. Geo also sells a smaller version.

The lenses look a bit like my normal eyes.. I have a natural black ring around my eyes, and they're very similar to my eyes just larger *_*
That's so cool!

- Enlargement -

The lenses are huuuge...
15mm! I didn't see that before so I was really surprised.
they're the biggest lenses I wore since now.. But I didn't have any problems with putting them in ^^.
It was just.. wooow.. how they looked in my eyes.
I still don't think I look like an alien, that's quiet nice. I really want bigger lenses later. I saw some 17mm somewhere..

Here are some pictures for you ^-^

natural light.


It's really cool, isn't it? Like my normal eyes, just bigger *__*~

both eyes without make up :'3~
giant eyes *_* but so nice~

 and with make up!
those are the lashes I got from MapleLens, too ^-^

- Comfort -

I had them in all day - and nothing happened to my eyes.
I thought they were a bit uncomfy because they are so huge, but I can really wear them a long time *_*
that makes me happy because I wanted brown lenses for everyday. And these are perfect for everyday.
Normally I need eyedrops when wearing circle lenses, but with those.. I didn't.
First time for me I could wear lenses without eyedrops ^___^

They even don't hurt when you put them in, and they're really really soft. Softer then all my other lenses.
I think that's what makes them so comfy ^-^.
Also, they don't blurry your vision!

Do you like the lenses?
And like what you heared about MapleLens?
Because if yes - I have something really nice for you.

Go on and buy your favourite pair of lenses.
And then put in the code above - yasha-hime!
Your lenses will get cheaper and you also will get a gift!
Awesome, isn't it?
And that's just for you, beloved readers. And this offer will never end!

And for saying goodbye...
Some pictures of me with me new lenses ^-^



I hope you liked the review ^___^