Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Review: Geo Big Grang Grang Choco [Sponsored by MapleLens *Q*]

Heeeey my beloved readers!!

I'm really to lazy I think... .___.
I always want to write things here but then I forget them again... I'm getting old T_T;

So -

But today I want to show you a nice thing!
My new circle lenses - Geo Big Grang Grang Choco.

Some of you perhaps already know - but I got them from MapleLens!
They're a new circle lens-shop and have really friendly staff ^-^

When I read they were searching for fashion blogger I wrote them I want to do a review for their lenses and they said yes!
I was really happy because I don't have a lot readers (But 67 currently *_* so happy)!
First I chose the Barbie King Size Aqua and when I got them I truely fell in love *Q*
They were so beautiful - but they hurt right after putting them in. I thought "Maybe my eyes are really sensitive today.."
And waited for a day before I put them in again. But again, the same thing. But I didn't put them out again because I thought it would be better when I wear them for some time..
After I wrote them that I can't use them in my eyes.. they sent me another pair O.O I was really surprised and happy! Thank you MapleLens!
The link of MapleLens is in my sidebar... and at the bottom of this entry ^_^

Yesterday I got my new lenses then, after I had some problems with fedex because they were to stupid to ring the door =.=;
And here you go with the lens review !

- Package and stuff -

The lenses were in a big bag by fedex, really safe ^-^
All of the things were wrapped in bubble-paper, so nothing can destroy them ê.e !


Not only lenses - also a pair of lashes and a thank you card where in the package *_*
The lashes are aweeesome~ I love them.


the card is also very cute **


the lens case I got for the Big GrangGrang are cute pink bears *_*


the lenses were in this cute box *-*

the bottles ^___^

Also Lumpi likes the bottles ^___^ xD

- Design -

It's the first time I had those kind of lenses ^-^
And they are really good looking *_*


Can you see that small B?
I really wondered when I saw it on the lenses..
But after I googled a bit I found out, that it's normal..
The "B" is for the Big GrangGrang.. Geo also sells a smaller version.

The lenses look a bit like my normal eyes.. I have a natural black ring around my eyes, and they're very similar to my eyes just larger *_*
That's so cool!

- Enlargement -

The lenses are huuuge...
15mm! I didn't see that before so I was really surprised.
they're the biggest lenses I wore since now.. But I didn't have any problems with putting them in ^^.
It was just.. wooow.. how they looked in my eyes.
I still don't think I look like an alien, that's quiet nice. I really want bigger lenses later. I saw some 17mm somewhere..

Here are some pictures for you ^-^

natural light.


It's really cool, isn't it? Like my normal eyes, just bigger *__*~

both eyes without make up :'3~
giant eyes *_* but so nice~

 and with make up!
those are the lashes I got from MapleLens, too ^-^

- Comfort -

I had them in all day - and nothing happened to my eyes.
I thought they were a bit uncomfy because they are so huge, but I can really wear them a long time *_*
that makes me happy because I wanted brown lenses for everyday. And these are perfect for everyday.
Normally I need eyedrops when wearing circle lenses, but with those.. I didn't.
First time for me I could wear lenses without eyedrops ^___^

They even don't hurt when you put them in, and they're really really soft. Softer then all my other lenses.
I think that's what makes them so comfy ^-^.
Also, they don't blurry your vision!

Do you like the lenses?
And like what you heared about MapleLens?
Because if yes - I have something really nice for you.

Go on and buy your favourite pair of lenses.
And then put in the code above - yasha-hime!
Your lenses will get cheaper and you also will get a gift!
Awesome, isn't it?
And that's just for you, beloved readers. And this offer will never end!

And for saying goodbye...
Some pictures of me with me new lenses ^-^



I hope you liked the review ^___^


  1. Die Bilder sind so süß *_* ~ Steht dir wirklich ganz toll! ~ Rede dir bloß nie wieder iwas ein und lass dich auch nicht von i-welchen scheiß Secrets unterkriegen (ich weiß das tust du nicht, aber mir haben die immer voll das Herz gebrochen . . . obwohl ich ja gar nicht du bin o_o" xDDD) ~ Aber ab und zu kriegst du immer so Zweifel. Und das brauchst du nicht >___,< ♥ Speziell das Pic in mayas DreamV dress! Dir steht so was "girly" mäßiges! Und wenn du gerne in Richtung Hime gehen willst, tu das unbedingt! Ich freue mich auf neue Outfitposts ^u^ ~ ♥

  2. Das erste von den letzten 3 Fotos ist toll! :D Kawai~

  3. OMG WIE GROß !! Geil. Die sehen so toll aus!!

  4. I'm absolutely fascinated by their customer service.
    I think I'll get my first lenses from them. *-*
    It's great that they suit your original color so much !

    But I think the lens case looks more like pigs.
    Cute anyway (:
    And: the photos with curls look beautiful. ♥

  5. Wow, echt ein toller Post über die Linsen :)
    Bist wirklich ne super hübsche, mag es wie du dich schminkst und das Design deines Blogs :)
    Freue mich auf mehr ^_^ ! ♥
    Danke noch für dein Abo auf meinem Blog :-* hat mich sehr gefreut ^.^


  6. Maple Lens scheint echt nen super Service zu haben und sehr vertrauenswürdig zu sein :)
    die Linsen stehen dir super <3 vor allem sehen sie sogar auf dem make up-losen Bild toll aus. Hat n bisschen was Ulzzang-mäßiges! Bei vielen find ichs so n bisschen gruselig xD

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