Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Review: Geo Big Grang Grang Choco [Sponsored by MapleLens *Q*]

Heeeey my beloved readers!!

I'm really to lazy I think... .___.
I always want to write things here but then I forget them again... I'm getting old T_T;

So -

But today I want to show you a nice thing!
My new circle lenses - Geo Big Grang Grang Choco.

Some of you perhaps already know - but I got them from MapleLens!
They're a new circle lens-shop and have really friendly staff ^-^

When I read they were searching for fashion blogger I wrote them I want to do a review for their lenses and they said yes!
I was really happy because I don't have a lot readers (But 67 currently *_* so happy)!
First I chose the Barbie King Size Aqua and when I got them I truely fell in love *Q*
They were so beautiful - but they hurt right after putting them in. I thought "Maybe my eyes are really sensitive today.."
And waited for a day before I put them in again. But again, the same thing. But I didn't put them out again because I thought it would be better when I wear them for some time..
After I wrote them that I can't use them in my eyes.. they sent me another pair O.O I was really surprised and happy! Thank you MapleLens!
The link of MapleLens is in my sidebar... and at the bottom of this entry ^_^

Yesterday I got my new lenses then, after I had some problems with fedex because they were to stupid to ring the door =.=;
And here you go with the lens review !

- Package and stuff -

The lenses were in a big bag by fedex, really safe ^-^
All of the things were wrapped in bubble-paper, so nothing can destroy them ê.e !


Not only lenses - also a pair of lashes and a thank you card where in the package *_*
The lashes are aweeesome~ I love them.


the card is also very cute **


the lens case I got for the Big GrangGrang are cute pink bears *_*


the lenses were in this cute box *-*

the bottles ^___^

Also Lumpi likes the bottles ^___^ xD

- Design -

It's the first time I had those kind of lenses ^-^
And they are really good looking *_*


Can you see that small B?
I really wondered when I saw it on the lenses..
But after I googled a bit I found out, that it's normal..
The "B" is for the Big GrangGrang.. Geo also sells a smaller version.

The lenses look a bit like my normal eyes.. I have a natural black ring around my eyes, and they're very similar to my eyes just larger *_*
That's so cool!

- Enlargement -

The lenses are huuuge...
15mm! I didn't see that before so I was really surprised.
they're the biggest lenses I wore since now.. But I didn't have any problems with putting them in ^^.
It was just.. wooow.. how they looked in my eyes.
I still don't think I look like an alien, that's quiet nice. I really want bigger lenses later. I saw some 17mm somewhere..

Here are some pictures for you ^-^

natural light.


It's really cool, isn't it? Like my normal eyes, just bigger *__*~

both eyes without make up :'3~
giant eyes *_* but so nice~

 and with make up!
those are the lashes I got from MapleLens, too ^-^

- Comfort -

I had them in all day - and nothing happened to my eyes.
I thought they were a bit uncomfy because they are so huge, but I can really wear them a long time *_*
that makes me happy because I wanted brown lenses for everyday. And these are perfect for everyday.
Normally I need eyedrops when wearing circle lenses, but with those.. I didn't.
First time for me I could wear lenses without eyedrops ^___^

They even don't hurt when you put them in, and they're really really soft. Softer then all my other lenses.
I think that's what makes them so comfy ^-^.
Also, they don't blurry your vision!

Do you like the lenses?
And like what you heared about MapleLens?
Because if yes - I have something really nice for you.

Go on and buy your favourite pair of lenses.
And then put in the code above - yasha-hime!
Your lenses will get cheaper and you also will get a gift!
Awesome, isn't it?
And that's just for you, beloved readers. And this offer will never end!

And for saying goodbye...
Some pictures of me with me new lenses ^-^



I hope you liked the review ^___^

Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Review: Geo Angel Grey

Hey out there!

Sorry that I didn't post in the last time..
I was sooo lazyyy and had noo motivation T_T;

But here you go now!
With the review of my first Geo circle lenses :3

First of all: I won the lenses in the Give Away Shoppingholics did on Facebook.
I never thought of buying grey circle lenses, but I have to say They are awesome!
Shoppingholics is a very good shop for buying circle lenses, the service is very nice! :3
The bag with the prizes of the giveaway arrived 2 weeks after I won them, that is really fast I think ^.~
I didn't only win the lenses, I also won a face-mask (I tried it but review will come later), eyemask, one pair of false lashes and a circle lenses box in form of cute fishes ^_^

the package ^-^

such a cuuute bag *Q* with all those things!!

The lenses itself were in a cute box.
It was so lovely.. and with purple *Q* one of my favourite colours!!

unopened :3

And the lense bottles itself.. Of course with Geo certification!

Sadly I was to stupid to take a good picture of the lenses in their bottles..
But here you go with the best one!


Nooow.. Talking about the lenses!

Enlargement: 10/10
These lenses make your eyes huuuuge.
Even though they're not big itself, they have a great enlargement effect.
I just can compare them with Fairy Queen Lenses I bought in Japan, but the effect is even mooore.
The good thing is, you can wear them without heavy or even make up at all and you don't look like an Alien.

without and with lenses and with make up.
(And with the lashes I also got from shoppingholics!)

 And without a lot of make up.

Design/Colour: 08/10
I really have to say that my first thoughts about those lenses were.. really, really wrong.
I hoped for a bright grey on my dark eyes, but I thought they wouldn't look very natural.
But it was completly different.
These lenses look kinda natural - so natural those shade of grey can look as an eyecolour XD.
The grey is really dark on my eyes.. Just in really bright sunlight it looks very light. And it looks more grey when I wear grey clothes. ( maya said this. xD )
For lighter brown eyes or blue/grey/green eyes those lenses would be really.. wooow I think!
But I loove them X3, and the design. I can't think off better looking lenses for now!

close up of the design. with flash.

 And in sunlight. (Not bright sunlight because I can't open my eyes enough for photos xD)

Comfort: 10/10
I can wear them all day if I want to! Sometimes my eyes are dry from the beginning, then I need some eyedrops for coming over the day.. But they're so comfortable!
I clean them everytime before wearing because you can't see small dirty things on the lenses..
And you can easily put them in and out, because they're not too hard or too soft. ^-^
I was very afraid of wearing lenses for a longer time because I could not wear the Fairy Queen's longer than 2 or 3 hours.. but I think it was because of the lenses and not because of my eyes. O:
But you're not even feeling that you have lenses in.. And they won't get stuck in your eyes xD (I saw this sometimes on blogs or pictures.. that one lenses was not moving when you're looking to the side or something xDD

Overall: 09/10 
I really really really love those lenses!
I can't think of better ones for me, and I really want them in other colours as well.
Sometimes it's annoying to have grey eyes all day, and I really want to see how green and blue'd work in my eyes..
But I just can say - if you wanted to have these lenses:
They're totally worth it! *___*

So I hope you liked my review because it was my first one xD
I will definitely do more when I have more lenses..
And if I'm motivated enough you will get a video review about those lenses and one about my Fairy Queen Lenses, too. :3

Kiss & hugs!

Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Aiji-volution! (Picture heavy)

Hey there gals!!

I am so lazy with my Tokyo report... T_T
But I want to write some blog all day..! But not about holiday cuz this makes me a bit sad. T_T

Perhaps you wonder why I used this title...
That's because I wanna show you something ^_^ !
I saw this thiiing at Maya's Blog where she wrote about the "evolution of her style". lol
I already wanted to do something like that and put it on deviantart. ... But I thought, Heeey, blog would be so much better! LOL

I won't post everrrry~ haircolour I had.. becuz that would be toooo many pictuuures~~
so... Now, goin' to begin.


2 0 0 7
(becuz that's the first pics I have)

In 2007 I began to style a bit... I tried to.
I was already listening to Jrock und such, but I liked emo-style more... lol

2 0 0 8

in 2008 I went to my first Jmusic concert... which was An Cafe.
I wanted to have a Miku-Hairstyle... So I went to the hairstylist.
oh my god I could still kill myself for beeing such a stupid person and cut my looong haair... T-T

after that stupidness I decided to let my hair grow... It went longer very fast but I didn't want to have long hair again so I cut it nealry every month...
But I didn't had a hair straightener that time.

me on the left of course.
this very stripes in my bang... they were very nice... but.. cuurly haaair killed them. XD

then I get bored of blonde hair and dyed it brown. 
Now I know that I shouldn't wear very light hair... But I liked it so much back then. XD

this was right before DIO concert...
I had some extensions in, I made them in a shop here in Duisburg...
But they were so painful X.X because those were no clip ins.
I needed to cut them out after two weeks. (And paied a lot of money for it!!)

2 0 0 9 

I began to look better!!

this was christmas, I got a hair straightener and a new camera! Yayz! 

I also did my first real cosplay, which was one of Tora from alice nine... 
but it's not nice. xD.

my hair began to get lighter again...

then it was pink and blonde again ^__^. 

this was completly pink even if you cannot see it. XD

after that I bleached my hair... a lot. 
It was white! I liked it so much... But it needed to be cut a lot like you can see .. :/

some black in it, so it's not too light!

And my first pair of clip-in extensions!!

This was the first time I saw Gyaru and Manba.
I really liked manba but I didn't belive they were people in the world who dress like this all the time! XD
I wanted to try it... it's fail because I didn't have any make up skills.

right after I got my third piercing - the one in the nose.
(one of the lip piercings is fake)
and I coloured myhair red. because I had my Hitsugi time..! LOL

2 0 1 0

Now are some pictures missing... A lot of them.
I had silver hair, miyavi-style hair...
And I can't find any good pictures of that.
(but some other pics can you see here - I just can't put some of them in order.. lol)
So here we go with my hairstyle for the LM.C concert!!

This was my real first try to be all girly. (except of that manba thing which wasn't serious)
I think it's okay! :3 I liked it.

I also began to like cyber.

And my outfit for Japanday...!

So I was a guy some time in the year...!
(this was something for a "gender doesn't matter thing" - don't wonder, pls)

And still all Visual Kei!

2 0 1 1 

I began to like Danger Gang and made Hiko's hairstyle..

And then I had short hair again and was manri all the time..

this was the time when I got seriously girly... 

light purple hair!

pink and darker purple... some pin up style thing.

I got my cheeks.

And suddenly I becam manri again.

But then I was all girly and a bit scene style..

and had blue/pink hair..

My first gal try.
I am so lucky Maya was gal for a longer time, and I knew how it should be.
And I had the luck to have circle lenses, fake lashes and gal clothes from the beginning.

2 0 1 2

just my latest picture from today because it didn't change so much..

I'm still gal and I like it.
And I don't think I will change that again in some time.

And as you can see... I lost a lot of wheight since now.

Hope you enjoyed it!
Please tell me what you think! haha.

 - Jiji