Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

Outfits of the week - 1

Hello Sweeties!

Today I have a outfit post for you~ °3°
I'm not always dressing up properly so it may be boring but I want to try to make a outfit post every week ^3^

Last week I tried a school-girl look! ^3^
and I bought a cute Monster High shirt!
It's really small because it's from the kids section, but it's okay~

twintails ^3^

the day after I bought the shirt
I had to wear it with a full outfit of course ^3^
(My legs look weird)

my face of that day~
with my arm bandage... @.@
And some days ago I wore this to my mother's wedding
I look so chubby ;;
But it's because of the huge shirt! >.<

And I had cute curls ^3^

Picture with Mali, the disabled cat my mother owns!
He's 6 months old now but still like a 8 week old kitten..
He was nearly dead when my mother got him ;3;

Yeah, and this was it °3°
Sorry for the boring outfits! I really need new clothes to wear~ °3°
See you later when I finished editing the pictures of the Dojaku ♥

- Aiji

Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013


Hello sweethearts ♥

Here I am again!

Before I start with my topic, I have a question for you.
I nearly unfollowed all blogs on blogger because they were not interesting for me anymore,
who should I follow?
I want more inspiration ^__^ !

But now, back to topic.

Most of you already know about Shironuri, which is a japanese "style" where your face is completly painted white before using regular make up.
You can wear Shironuri nearly with all Harajuku fashions in combination! This is what makes it so awesome in my opinion!
I've seen a lot of Shironuri people but my favorite inspiration will always be Minori, I guess.

She makes everything so elegant, and her make up is so beautiful *~*

(all pictures are taken from her tumblr)

Of course I had to try Shironuri by myself!
And I had the chance to do so at the Harajuku Fashion Walk in Düsseldorf, in the beginning of november :3
(I will post a proper blogpost about it when I had the time to edit the pictures... gaaah, time, where are you?)

This is what I looked like ♥

Sadly I don't have any proper pictures ;___;~
All of them are derpy and/or blurry... as you can see.
But I hope they are okay!
I also thought my styling was okay for the first time^^ and I had no good white base make up XD; haha..
I really want to try Shironuri again, with a proper white base and better make up because now I just used eyeshadow and nothing more special, except of the freckles.
As you can see I also took one of my dolls with me, his name is Moriki and he is my graildoll which I finally got at my birthday ♥♥
I feel like I'm taking him everywhere...
I really need to make a post about my dolls... soon... there's so much to blog about!

Stay tuned because you will also get a post about this year's cosplays!
And next year's cosplay plans *^*
And... I don't know...
Is there anything you wish to hear about?

See you soon♥


Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

New start

Hello and maybe welcome to my blog!

I'm glad that you're reading this post because this means either that you came back because I finally made a new post or that you're a new reader who's interested in what I write!

I didn't blog for months because I just had no interest at all, thinking about blogging stressed me so I did not read any blogs or posted in my own one.
But somehow I also missed writing, so I thought it might be good if I re-start everything.
I didn't want to loose followers and I didn't have any ideas for a new blogname (XD), so I kept the old one, deleted all posts except of the reviews and my Japan posts, and edited the layout.
I'm not posting a lot of personal content this time, I guess, I want this blog to be about my outfits, events and everything like that and not about my life anymore

I hope this was a good idea and that I can keep all this up to date!

Since all of you people who don't have me as a friend on facebook or follow me on instagram don't know anything about the last few months, and how I changed, I'm going to talk a bit about what happened with me until now...

I had to colour my hair black because my hair fell out to some allergic reaction,
I'm not happy about it but I will keep it like that so it grows healthier than it would be bleached...
Also, I'm again more and more into light colours, pastells and stuff.
After I tried Hime Gyaru I thought it wouldn't suit me, and tried to be more Oshare Kei, but it did not make me happy.
I fell in love with Mori Kei, which is in combination with Fairy Kei and Cult Party Kei my current style. I'm not listening to "style rules", this is just everything I get my inspirations from.
I'm also wearing more visual kei-ish stuff again, sometimes, but it's more a dansou (crossdress) thing, so when I'm all girly I'm not into black clothing...Weird, I know.
Next to my new style preferences I found my love for BJDs again, I'm currently owning two MSDs, and one SD body with two heads... also I'm really into cosplaying again recently! ♥

Now, have some pictures of my recent face and outfits.
Most of them are taken from my instagram, which is yasha_hime, btw. I'm happy about new followers :)

 The last two pictures are from yesterday,
I had to wear an eyepatch because I had a pinkeye.. and I couldn't wear any make up because it hurt. lol
The long hair is a half wig which I really love because it's cute and easier to wear than extensions, but I'm getting also human hair extensions so I can do basic looks with long hair. ^3^

On sunday is Dojaku, where I'm going to be and cosplay, after that (or maybe earlier?) you can expect a new post from me!

I hope that you're enjoying my blog again, I'd love to hear feedback from you ♥

See you soon.