Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

Outfits of the week - 1

Hello Sweeties!

Today I have a outfit post for you~ °3°
I'm not always dressing up properly so it may be boring but I want to try to make a outfit post every week ^3^

Last week I tried a school-girl look! ^3^
and I bought a cute Monster High shirt!
It's really small because it's from the kids section, but it's okay~

twintails ^3^

the day after I bought the shirt
I had to wear it with a full outfit of course ^3^
(My legs look weird)

my face of that day~
with my arm bandage... @.@
And some days ago I wore this to my mother's wedding
I look so chubby ;;
But it's because of the huge shirt! >.<

And I had cute curls ^3^

Picture with Mali, the disabled cat my mother owns!
He's 6 months old now but still like a 8 week old kitten..
He was nearly dead when my mother got him ;3;

Yeah, and this was it °3°
Sorry for the boring outfits! I really need new clothes to wear~ °3°
See you later when I finished editing the pictures of the Dojaku ♥

- Aiji


  1. Mali is still really cute. I hope he will get better soon ;_;
    Your outfits are great!

  2. Aww die Katze ist ja süß *-*
    Mir gefällt das erste Outfit am besten ♥
    Aber sag mir, wie machst du Twintails mit Extensions ohne das man hinten alles sieht? O: