Samstag, 4. Januar 2014

Outfits of the week - 2

Hey Sweethearts ♥

And a very late happy new year! ♥♥

Again I broke my promise to post properly ;-; I'm such a bad blogger.
But my life was so boring~ and mostly I didn't dress up or forgot to take pictures of it~ ;;

So now have my selfies from christmas til now!
I know this is more than a week xD and this time I have more selfies than mirror shots.. because somehow I don't look nice in our mirror currently xD


Let's start with this one.
My boring everyday-I'm too lazy to put proper make up on-face xD

Then Maya and me took some homeshots with our SNK cosplays~
I did, as you can see, Levi; and she Petra ^^
I still need to improve my make up, but it gets better everytime.
after that it was already christmas!
This was my make up, and my look without my halfwig and the jacket I had

and this is with both, in my mother's bathroom!

For second christmas day I went to Maya's family :3
I always enjoy being there at christmas because it's always nice and funny ^3^
(yes, I like the pic with too much light a lot xD)

Sadly I don't have a picture from the second christmas day as I looked boring,
it was also my sister's birthday, so we just were at my mother's home.

I don't know when I took this one?? xD
But I liked it

my new year's look!
I wore my d.i.a. dress :3
New year's eve was okay, it wasn't the best but it wasn't that bad.
I hope I can visit Maya next year in Japan so I won't have to wait 2 years until I can celebrate it with her again ;3;~

And today Maya and me were in Duesseldorf,
we met Nina, because Maya and her had to talk about their exchange year.
Also we met two really cute and nice people from the last Dojaku, a Levi cosplayer (which was Jean today) and and Eren! I really enjoyed seeing them ^3^
For a longer time I wanted to wear gyaru fashion again, because I missed it, but I didn't feel well before in it...
But today I took Maya's MA*RS clothes and tried again♥

I guess it was a pretty nice look! isn't it? ^__^
I'm only not really happy with my make up - I really dislike the lower lashes. >.<
But I tried already like 10 different types of them and I can't find any I like on my eye.
Also, I really need some new clothes for Agejo and Hime Gyaru >.<~
In my taobao order I placed three new clothes (Ma*rs Set, ma*rs skirt and yumetenbo dress) and a wig for gyaru stuff~ :3
Also I ordered new doll stuff for my incoming head ^3^ and a wig for Eemil~
(I really need to post about my dolls, since no one knows the names of them I guess xD)
But I will post properly about it when Maya and me got our confirmation!

I hope you enjoyed my post :3
What do you think about today's outfit? It was really strange for me after not wearing anything like that for nearly a year..
I'm also open for critique for my make up ♥

See you later!
- Aiji


  1. Frohes neues Jahr dir! (^_^)

    Das Bild ohne die Perücke gefällt mir wirklich gut, das sieht süß aus! Ich bin meistens kein Fan von diesen mega Haaren muss ich gestehen...

    Und deine Beine sehen richtig toll aus :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Ich find die Outfits und die Bilder toll! *_*