Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013


Hello sweethearts ♥

Here I am again!

Before I start with my topic, I have a question for you.
I nearly unfollowed all blogs on blogger because they were not interesting for me anymore,
who should I follow?
I want more inspiration ^__^ !

But now, back to topic.

Most of you already know about Shironuri, which is a japanese "style" where your face is completly painted white before using regular make up.
You can wear Shironuri nearly with all Harajuku fashions in combination! This is what makes it so awesome in my opinion!
I've seen a lot of Shironuri people but my favorite inspiration will always be Minori, I guess.

She makes everything so elegant, and her make up is so beautiful *~*

(all pictures are taken from her tumblr)

Of course I had to try Shironuri by myself!
And I had the chance to do so at the Harajuku Fashion Walk in Düsseldorf, in the beginning of november :3
(I will post a proper blogpost about it when I had the time to edit the pictures... gaaah, time, where are you?)

This is what I looked like ♥

Sadly I don't have any proper pictures ;___;~
All of them are derpy and/or blurry... as you can see.
But I hope they are okay!
I also thought my styling was okay for the first time^^ and I had no good white base make up XD; haha..
I really want to try Shironuri again, with a proper white base and better make up because now I just used eyeshadow and nothing more special, except of the freckles.
As you can see I also took one of my dolls with me, his name is Moriki and he is my graildoll which I finally got at my birthday ♥♥
I feel like I'm taking him everywhere...
I really need to make a post about my dolls... soon... there's so much to blog about!

Stay tuned because you will also get a post about this year's cosplays!
And next year's cosplay plans *^*
And... I don't know...
Is there anything you wish to hear about?

See you soon♥



  1. I really do love this! I also liked it as you posted it on facebook~ suits you well!

  2. You looked fantastic and I also love minori and her style. She's so inspiring and after I watched on of her interviews she seems like such a cute person to me. ;w;