Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Review: Geo Angel Grey

Hey out there!

Sorry that I didn't post in the last time..
I was sooo lazyyy and had noo motivation T_T;

But here you go now!
With the review of my first Geo circle lenses :3

First of all: I won the lenses in the Give Away Shoppingholics did on Facebook.
I never thought of buying grey circle lenses, but I have to say They are awesome!
Shoppingholics is a very good shop for buying circle lenses, the service is very nice! :3
The bag with the prizes of the giveaway arrived 2 weeks after I won them, that is really fast I think ^.~
I didn't only win the lenses, I also won a face-mask (I tried it but review will come later), eyemask, one pair of false lashes and a circle lenses box in form of cute fishes ^_^

the package ^-^

such a cuuute bag *Q* with all those things!!

The lenses itself were in a cute box.
It was so lovely.. and with purple *Q* one of my favourite colours!!

unopened :3

And the lense bottles itself.. Of course with Geo certification!

Sadly I was to stupid to take a good picture of the lenses in their bottles..
But here you go with the best one!


Nooow.. Talking about the lenses!

Enlargement: 10/10
These lenses make your eyes huuuuge.
Even though they're not big itself, they have a great enlargement effect.
I just can compare them with Fairy Queen Lenses I bought in Japan, but the effect is even mooore.
The good thing is, you can wear them without heavy or even make up at all and you don't look like an Alien.

without and with lenses and with make up.
(And with the lashes I also got from shoppingholics!)

 And without a lot of make up.

Design/Colour: 08/10
I really have to say that my first thoughts about those lenses were.. really, really wrong.
I hoped for a bright grey on my dark eyes, but I thought they wouldn't look very natural.
But it was completly different.
These lenses look kinda natural - so natural those shade of grey can look as an eyecolour XD.
The grey is really dark on my eyes.. Just in really bright sunlight it looks very light. And it looks more grey when I wear grey clothes. ( maya said this. xD )
For lighter brown eyes or blue/grey/green eyes those lenses would be really.. wooow I think!
But I loove them X3, and the design. I can't think off better looking lenses for now!

close up of the design. with flash.

 And in sunlight. (Not bright sunlight because I can't open my eyes enough for photos xD)

Comfort: 10/10
I can wear them all day if I want to! Sometimes my eyes are dry from the beginning, then I need some eyedrops for coming over the day.. But they're so comfortable!
I clean them everytime before wearing because you can't see small dirty things on the lenses..
And you can easily put them in and out, because they're not too hard or too soft. ^-^
I was very afraid of wearing lenses for a longer time because I could not wear the Fairy Queen's longer than 2 or 3 hours.. but I think it was because of the lenses and not because of my eyes. O:
But you're not even feeling that you have lenses in.. And they won't get stuck in your eyes xD (I saw this sometimes on blogs or pictures.. that one lenses was not moving when you're looking to the side or something xDD

Overall: 09/10 
I really really really love those lenses!
I can't think of better ones for me, and I really want them in other colours as well.
Sometimes it's annoying to have grey eyes all day, and I really want to see how green and blue'd work in my eyes..
But I just can say - if you wanted to have these lenses:
They're totally worth it! *___*

So I hope you liked my review because it was my first one xD
I will definitely do more when I have more lenses..
And if I'm motivated enough you will get a video review about those lenses and one about my Fairy Queen Lenses, too. :3

Kiss & hugs!


  1. die linsen sind echt toll *-*

    also wenn ich mehr als eine linse bestelle, wähle ich auch immer ein graues paar aus weil es einfach zu jeder augenfarbe passt und wie du schon geschrieben hast einfach natürlicher wirkt... habe glaube auch so ein ähnliches paar (ich komme einfach nicht mehr mit den ganzen bezeichnungen für die linsen klar -.-)

  2. Great review! :D
    I thought about buying blue GEO lenses...
    or better: letting my grand parents order them and present to me... >D
    But I decided for another pair... lost the name and stuff...
    Anyway... I guess I'll buy some of that sooner or later too.
    Thanks for the review ❤

  3. Thanks for the review! The lenses looks cute!