Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Review: Beuberry Poppy Green [Sponsored by UNIQSO ♥]

Hello my sweethearts ♥

Finally I'm back!
I'm really sorry that I'm currently not writing anything.. I just somehow.. Lost most motivation to blog.
But since I feel better when I wrote something, I'm trying to blog more.

Today I have a circle lense review for you - more will be following.
I got some new pairs of lenses, but this one was sponsored by UNIQSO!
I also got another pair (iFairy Ash Violet) which I will try tomorrow or later, I don't know yet.
Also I will do reviews of the following lenses which I bought myself:
Beuberry Bella Green
iFairy Lumos Pink
Dueba Barbie Puffy Grey

At first I have to say,
UNIQSO is far the best shop for circle lenses I ever had!
They're so kind, reply fast, they have awesome promotions!
Like, when I ordered, you could choose a free pair for every two pairs you bought!
Isn't that nice? ♥

The lenses need around 10 - 12 days to arrive.. If they needed longer it was always the fault of the German post.
The package is always very secure and you will get a free lens case for every pair you order! This is good for me because I tend to forget buying lens cases... haha.
When you do an order over an specific money-amout you can choose some free face mask; I got ones from Shiseido last time!

cute bear packages *3*

most secure packaging ♥

the lenses! (you can nearly see how blind I am! -2,75!)
Today it's just about the left ones! :3

at first I was afraid that you won't see them properly in my eyes : / they looked so see-through!

Beuberry Poppy green lenses are very soft and they have an high water-content which is good, because my eyes tend to dry out! Especially because these lenses have a diameter of 16!
They went good into my eye, and didn't even hurt a bit! *__*~

they are sooo enlarging *__*
(And as you can see, I'm letting my eyebrows grow back partly!
But somehow they don't get any thicker.. >.<)

They blend so nice in my eyes *__*~
I love it *-*
(this is with flash btw!)

again, with flash.

and without.
(Sorry that this is blurry; I just saw it while editing >.<)

with a bit make up and in the light of my desk-lamp.

Now, full-face pictures!
I will show you how awesome those lenses fit into different styles *___* !!

first: "everyday style" haha XD;
this is how I wear my hair when I'm lazy.. and, without drawn on eyebrows. XD

second: pastel-fairy kei-ish thingy.
(As you can see I dyed my white wig partly! 
more blue parts will be coming soon!)

last: a more onee-gyaru-ish look. (somehow my hair looks strange xD)
Additionally I did some comparison pictures of my Beuberry Poppy Green with my Beuberry Bella Green!
On the left, the poppy and on the right bella ones!

with flash

and in sunlight

For everyday style I really like the Poppy Green ones more than the Bella Green, but it's not bad because I wanted the Bella Green for cosplaying anyway XD !

Result: Beuberry Poppy Green are good for everyone who wants BIG EYES and a nice grass green as colour!
Their colour is amazing, I'd rate them 10/10;
The comfort is also a 10/10.
If you want to order them CLICK HERE ♥♥
And, especially for you, my lovely readers, if you type in "AJH10" you will get 10% discount!

I hope you enjoyed my review and that you'll like those wonderful lenses as much as me ♥

See you later ♥


  1. They look really good and I should do my lens reviews soon too...
    btw: I love your fairy-kei/pastel thing what-soever-look and the wig. It looks stunning and Aaagh. (●´∀`●)

  2. Die sehen super aus *_* Und die Wig ! Wahnsinn!

  3. dein augen make ist so hübsch ^^
    und dir stehen die linsen wirklich supi~♥

  4. Wow these are pretty! The green shade looks especially nice on the sunlight pic!
    Cool different styles as well, these lenses surely fit many looks!