Freitag, 12. April 2013

Review: iFairy Ash Violet [Sponsored by UNIQSO]

Hello my honeys ♥

Finally I'm back!
And wow... I looked on my follower list... AND had 151 followers *__*
So happppppyy!! thank you!!
I'm thinking what I could do for you.. maybe a giveaway but I don't have anything to give ;__;''

but until I know what to do for you guys,
I'm having a review for you again! (sorry when any word begins with a capital letter... I somehow have a strange autocorrect that I can't turn off -.-)

Last time I already did a review for the packages and service of UNIQSO,
so today I'll just do the part for the lenses ^^

Sadly the pictures of the lenses in their bottle are gone D: I have to look for them on my computer, but now I'm at Maya's... they will be edited into this post later!!

The iFairy Ash Violet lenses have a diameter of 16,2 and a water content of 42%!
they appear very very dark in the bottle but they are not that dark on the eyes!
so here you go with the pictures :3

in "room light" -
but it was very dark because I forgot to take comparison pics in sunlight..
and with flash ^^
and both lenses with flash ^^
and again in room light ^^

And now my "full face" pictures ^^
I tried some Visual Kei styling, I hope you like it :3
It's inspired by Kuina of Royz, a very good band - they make nice music and are good looking! xD

two nearly the same looking pics yaaay 8D

Close up~

meow?? ^3^

btw, what do you think about my new piercing jewelry? ^^
I tried a 2mm Septum and I like this better than the old one! ^~^

Do you like those lenses? ^_^

I really like them a lot!
They're not so comfortable as the Beuberry ones, but I could wear them for a total of 8 hours and they didn't hurt. Comfort is 8/10!
The colour is amazing on dark eyes in my opinion, but I also like them on light eyes
(Maya has them, too! And you can really wear them with dark AND light eye colours!!)
Colour is 10/10 *___* !

If you want to order them, please click here: UNIQSO link !!
Don't forget to add my discount code AJH10 for a 10% discount ^__^

I hope I can update soon again, but I'm kinda boring at the moment.. Q3Q

Have a nice daaay ♥


  1. Das Styling sieht so verdammt gut an dir aus *3*

  2. I'm not sure if it's just me but I can only see the first picture ;_;

  3. :/ Also can't see the pictures…