Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Day 7: New Year's Sale.

Hi Cuties ^___^

Here we go with the next part of our aweeesome trip to Japan! ^_^

I'm feeling a bit better now so I try to finish the report today e.ê (if my concentration is enough)

On our 7th day we went to Shibuya, because there was the new year's sale...
Sadly, I was more than ill that day so there are no good pictures of myself, I'm sorry. 

We were at Shibuya109 at 9, very early for me... but it was not closed anymore!
I was very shocked, then I paniced because I thought I won't get my fukubukuro anymore ;__;
So Maya and me went straightly to our favourite shops... Mine is MarpleQ, as you know ^^.
And even if I thought I won't be able to wear anything in it... I wanted to have a fukubukuro e.e
I was lucky when I was there... and they still had some !
So I bought one in size M because they had M and S... And went down because Maya and me said we're meeting at MA*RS again.
Maya didn't get a d.i.a. fukubukuro, so she was sad... but one of MA*RS made her happier again ^^.

After we bought those things we went out again, sitting next to the Shibuya109 and looked in our bags... When a cute girl came and asked Maya if she can look in that MA*RS bag, too...
Then we noticed that we're all from Germany and talked German then. xDD

the Shibuya109 - home of stylish clothing. xD

Meeee... with my MarpleQ fukubukuro ^^ 

After we finished looking in our bags we talked a bit with the girl and decided to go to Harajuku togehter ^^.
So we went to LaForet, where we were one of the first people who could go in..
We went to AP there, and Maya got a sweet Lolita outfit in a fukubukuro ^^ !

I was looking in some other shops, too... but everything was too expensive... but then... I looked in SuperLovers and found my most favourite shirt of them.. And it was just half the price *__*
So I took it even if I couldn't afford it and need to lend money from Maya because of that the last days ^^;
But then we went back to hostel again because I was feeling even worse T_T

Most sekkushi man!

At "home" again I looked at all my things again carefully, and tried all the clothes..
and they all fit!! I was so happy! the shirts are a bit thight and short, but when I go to fitnesscenter again, it will be ok ^^ !!

here is what was inside ^-^

the bag - most awesome and giant!

a hat... I love it *q*

stickers! it's so cool because my real name starts with M x3

nice necklace *^*

Ring... which was to small and I broke it ^^;;

grey shirt :3

colourful shirt - front.

and back ^^

veeeery small shirt which I can wear when I'm skinny xD

badge ^^

and the pants I wanted to buy some days before!! *__*

and the front x3

My SuperLovers Shirt *__* huge but lovely!!

and meee... with hat and shirt xDD

After we were relaxing a bit we decided to go to Asakusa city a bit...
We didn't go there before but it was nice ^^

this building... looks like a carrot to me.

Then we went to the temple in Asakusa... It was very full, but I liked it ^^
I think I would like religion again if I'd live in Japan... because they're all so cool with their religions xDD
But now I will let some pictures speak...

looks like cat is sitting on temple. meow.

 We went back to hostel after our visit in the temple...
And  I took a picture from the bridge, then we went home and just chilled and relaxed again... then went to sleep.

See you in my next entry, cuties ^w^ !


  1. Your fukuboros are sooo amazing ;A;
    both your fukuboros are soooo cool! *__*
    You must have had sooo much fun ^.^

  2. Really cool!
    I already read about your SALE shopping tour on Maya's blog but
    it's so nice to see your gets in detail too.
    I really like the hat and it's a pity the ring was too small for you. It would have looked awesome for sure! ;)

    Yuku. ♥

  3. Bevor ich anfange, groß rumzuneiden ;___________________; überbringe ich dir, dass ich dich getaggt habe :D
    (Aber sehr schöner Beitrag!)