Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Tokyo: Day 2 - Danger Gang live.

Hi out there!

Second day was really nice!

We first met Kao and went to Harajuku with her... To take puris and stuff.
As I was looking for a Wig shop (there was a ad for it).. I found a circle lenses store *_*
So we went in and I bought myself some circle lenses in brown... they're not as dark as my eyes and not exactly what I wanted but I like them a lot ^_^

And we had crepes *__*
But they're toooo sweet. at first they are very yummy and tasty... but then... iiiu. not nice.

And I'm very sorry, I don't have any pictures of that concert...
You're not allowed to take pictures on concert so I didn't do that.
The concert was a small "festival" thing... A few bands (8 I think) came and played 3 - 4 songs.
They were all very talented, some of them not my taste of music... But everyone very good in their own way!

Kao wanted to go there because of Ziggrat, she was cosplayen Mikito and he said she is the very first Cosplayer of him ^^.
I like them a lot now, too. Their music is great.
So I went to the stage when Ziggrat came, and we were watching and doing para para and stuff... At first I was to shy because I didn't know the songs... But it was okay after a while.
The singer really... scared me. He always watched at me, wanted me to come to the first row (Because there war just 3 people... We didn't want to go there because we didnt know the complete para paras). And he stared... and stared... And I really thought he would eat me alive. XD.

But then Ziggrat was over... AND DANGER GANG CAME!
Oh my god. I really say just OH MY GOD.
Hiko and Waka are the most beautiful japanese women I've ever seen, Waka is so cute and Hiko just... sexy.
They are both so talented, they exactly knew what they did.
And then... Hiko was staring at Maya, grinned at her and did a gesture like typing something... She remembered her from writing with her on Twitter! It was so awesome!!
I hope Waka could remember me too ;_; Because we wrote a lot on Twitter for some time.

As the concert was over we went back to our hotel... The train suddenly stopped and we had to wait.. I think someone tired to kill himself :/

At hostel we ate a bit and then went to bed ^-^

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  1. Thank you for writing these entries, I really enjoy reading about your adventures in Japan day by day! ^_^