Montag, 1. Juni 2015

MeltyChocolateMoon Review♥

Hello everyone!

Sorry it has been real quiet here again, but I just don't find any time or motivation for blogging.
Now I'm procrastinating my school work since I'm having finals next week... But I'm already prepared for nearly every class so it's okay hahaha

Last month was one of the biggest conventions in Germany, the Dokomi, and of course I went there!

And because I bought a necklace from the awesome MeltyChocolateMoon, I now want to do a review because I think they're really underestimated!

Me and Melty at Dokomi ♥

Now, starting with the review!


I bought this necklace, though I was having a hard time deciding what I want! Everything looked so pretty!
The necklace says "mahou shoujo" which is the japanese term for magical girl ♥ who doesn't want to be a magical girl?? ♥
MeltyChocolateMoon has a huge variety of accessories like buttons, necklaces, rings, chokers, headbands! And everything I've seen at her Dokomi booth looked really good!
When buying online, the shop is located in Sweden, which means you don't have crazy shipping times and prices as with asian sellers!

I immediately put the necklace on because I am always lacking cute necklaces, and it fit with my OTT coord!

(You can also see the ring I bought at Pastelbat's booth!)

Today I took some proper pictures of the necklace, which is really sturdy because it is made from something like resin (? I'm not really sure though!), and I already dropped it and nothing happened XD!
The necklace has a 3D-look, the glittery pink is on top of the white part! And it sparkles so much, I can't even catch this effect on pictures!

(Sorry if there are some weird spots in there, somehow it became dirty and I didn't see it before editing and now it's too dark for new pictures!)

These pictures were taken with flash so you can see the glitter better, here's another close up of the word "mahou", so you can see the glitter really properly!

It is sooo sparkly, I love it ♥_♥

And, for you to show you that it isn't just sparkling with flash, have another picture in sunlight:

All in all I have to say that this now is my favourite necklace, and I'm probably going to order some more of her stuff soon!
I really love handmade items, and I love them even more when they're having such an awesome quality!! ♥

So if you're looking for a cute, unique necklace or any other accessory, take a look at Melty's store!

A picture of me from Saturday, when I dressed up a bit, more pics of this look will follow for a review from Himifashion!

You can also see my current haircolour here! hehehe♥

I hope you liked the review!
I want to try and update this blog with reviews, while I post my outfits and selfies on my instagram account yasha_hime!

Love you♥


  1. I think this necklace fits you so well and I'm happy it has such a good quality and you can talk only good about the store as well... it's always sad to make disappointing experiences, so I'm even more happy you are lucky with this one. :D
    You look awesome, btw.