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Review: Barbie/Dueba Puffy 3-tones grey

Another one ;33~


Barbie/Dueba Puffy 3-tones grey

Data:Size: 16,2mm
Water Content: 38%
These are one year lasting 3-tone (grey, black, lightbrown) circle lenses with a base curve of 8,6mm.
You can buy those big eye circle lenses HERE !
Don't forget the discount code "AJH10" because you'll get a 10% discount!

Surprisingly these lenses were not for a cosplay! ^.~
No, I got them as a "present" for a big order from UNIQSO - I say, these sellers are awesome! From time to time they have special promotions were you get lenses for $1 or free after buying a certain amount of lenses!
I have to admit that I did not like these lenses at first.
These are the only lenses I own which have a really light colour on my eyes. And I was really creeped out by my look at first xD; but I realized I like them in the end. ♥
I just wore them for my Visual Kei looks at first (I sadly don't have any proper pictures of them), but tried them for other stuff too.

natural light


indoor light

natural light

It's amazing how light they look on my dark eyes.
I was so shocked xD
But it's so cool~ and I use them pretty often when I want light eyes ^^
I took some pictures with my everyday style for this review!

With Socke in the background xD she's so lazy~
This ismy everyday look, I wear my extensions and a bit wavy or straight hair.
These lenses don't look too scary with lashes and make up, that's awesome.

Also, I wear these lenses for my Levi cosplay.

nice, eh? Perfect Levi lenses *.* (still need to improve my make up)

Style + colour: 10/10 - Really good colour, even on dark eyes! The three colours of the lenses make them not too unnatural
Comfort: 10/10 - I can wear them all day, had never any pain of them!
All in all: 10/10 - my most favorite lenses ♥

What do you think about such a heavy change in eyecolours?
I think it's awesome to be able to change your eyes' colour that much! *_*

Aiji ♥

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  1. Hi. May I know what camera do u use for taking these awesome photos?? Thanks for the review. The lens look really good on u! ;)