Montag, 17. Februar 2014

DoJaku #43


At first: I have a new layout for my blog, what do you say?
I tried to make the header and the background in the same colour but it did not work properly ;;

Yesterday I went to the DoJaku in Dortmund, which is a small convention held every month!
It was the first time after around 4 years that I went to a convention without Maya... But she had to study for her university exams! (>△<*)
In the end Shinpei didn't come too, so I asked my sister but she didn't get up in the morning when I was already all dressed up...
I wanted to meet Isabella there, a cute girl which I met at Connichi, so I messaged her that I was not going anymore because I hate going somewhere without anyone and I was so shy meeting her alone because I did not saw her for half a year.
In the end I went anyway because she was so sweet and told me I should still come!

And I'm not regretting it!
I had a really funny day even though I am weird and was not able to talk to her and her friends in the beginning. I hate being so shy but I always think I am annoying... (┰_┰)

But they were all very friendly so I tried talking properly with them!
I felt really old because normally I'm still the youngest in my normal group of friends but lately all people I like are younger than me? xD It's okay because I don't think it's bad, but still strange somehow!

This was my outfit ♥

and my face, it was in the evening already
so my make up was nearly gone..

Lately I try to dress up more.. proper fairy kei?
The wig is a new one I got from my taobao christmas order! (I still need to post my haul~)

When I was there I also took a few pictures, but not a lot because the sun was shining too much and then I forgot and gaah..

But here are the few I took!

with one of the girls I met there ♥

Isabella and me♥


Again Isabella because she is sooo pretty!! *3*

And this is Vanny :3
I loved her shirt *.*

Isabella again, I was stalking her a bit. e.e~

So.. Yeah, this was my day? xD
I really enjoyed it and hope to repeat it in the future if I did not annoy them in the end >3<~

What do you think about my look of that day? ^^

Hope you liked my post ♥ I'd be happy about comments! ♥

See you later ♥


  1. Uah, hammer Blog layout ( > O < ) ♥

  2. Your blog layout looks super cute, really! I like it alot ♥
    I'm glad, too that you went to meet up with them because - obviously - you had a great time and you looked super adorable as well. x3
    btw, I love Isabella's wig, tbqh. ;3;

    1. Thank you ♥
      Yes I was also really happy in the end *3* & thanks again ♥
      Yes it's so cute and was amazing quality *.*

  3. Hallo!!
    Ich habe dir einen Blog-Award verliehen!
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du mal rein schnupperst~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

    R Y O